Sounds of Pleasure
What is Sounds Of Pleasure and what is the content of it ?

This answer is not to describe in several words, but it is a result of one DJ called DJ E-volution and his experience at the DJ scene. Mixing a combination of todays best house music together with his own professional sound and light system. Together with the best local and well known DJÕs of the scene, the whole set-up will be perfect.

This will guarantee you, that everyone will experience house music at itÕs best level during the whole event, because house music is a feeling.. During his DJ skills for several years, he has reached a certain level of perfection and that is what he is living for. Even in organizing and customising the Sounds Of Pleasure events. Nothing will be forgotten within those events, dancers, lasershows, visuals on screen, etc.

Sounds of pleasure 2011 will be a special festival edition with a 2hrs set of DJ Cor Fijneman !

More examples of this events, you will find in the gallery directory.

Mixes of DJ E-volution, you will find in the playlist at the home page.


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